Debian is a free operating system (OS) for your computer. An operating system is the set of basic programs and utilities that make your computer run.

Debian provides more than a pure OS: it comes with over 59000 packages, precompiled software bundled up in a nice format for easy installation on your machine. Read more…

The latest stable release of Debian is 10.2. The last update to this release was made on November 16th, 2019. Read more about available versions of Debian.

Getting Started

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[16 Nov 2019] Updated Debian 10: 10.2 released
[08 Sep 2019] Updated Debian 9: 9.11 released
[07 Sep 2019] Updated Debian 10: 10.1 released
[07 Sep 2019] Updated Debian 9: 9.10 released
[27 Jul 2019] DebConf19 closes in Curitiba and DebConf20 dates announced
[07 Jul 2019] Debian Edu / Skolelinux Buster — a complete Linux solution for your school

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Security Advisories

[25 Nov 2019] DSA-4576 php-imagick – security update
[24 Nov 2019] DSA-4575 chromium – security update
[19 Nov 2019] DSA-4574 redmine – security update
[18 Nov 2019] DSA-4573 symfony – security update
[18 Nov 2019] DSA-4572 slurm-llnl – security update
[17 Nov 2019] DSA-4571 thunderbird – security update
[17 Nov 2019] DSA-4570 mosquitto – security update
[14 Nov 2019] DSA-4569 ghostscript – security update
[14 Nov 2019] DSA-4568 postgresql-common – security update
[13 Nov 2019] DSA-4565 intel-microcode – security update
[12 Nov 2019] DSA-4567 dpdk – security update
[12 Nov 2019] DSA-4566 qemu – security update
[12 Nov 2019] DSA-4564 linux – security update
[12 Nov 2019] DSA-4563 webkit2gtk – security update

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